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News from the drawing board (2013): the most up-to-date 2013 information about the art studio, misplaced meanderings, etc. etc. Links to past archives are located below and to the right. Questions? Check the FAQ or send an email :)


  • Where is The News actually located????

    July 16, 2013: an important note regarding "The News" on this site:

    1) The Artist Blog (on this website) ...moves around. It is ALWAYS located whereever the current work of art is ongoing. It's an organic thang. You can get there by clicking on the big animated image on the homepage. THEN, simply click on "the latest update" date :)

    2) You can also use The Artist Studio link. That's where you'll find the intro to the latest Artist blog re:the current artwork AND...any news about a possible exhibition, etc. etc.

    3) Other than that...check the facebook page :) It really depends on WHAT you are looking for. Of course the OLD STUFF is all in here (the actual "News" section). Apparently I had a LOT more time back then and could just sit around gabbing. LOL. Nowadays...I am just super dooper bizy and just don't have any excess energy (and I'd rather spend any spare moments drawing ...if you don't mind :) Anyway. If you get lost, send me an email. Okie doke? :)

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  • A BELATED posting of the annual Christmas Card (2012).

    January 7, 2013: whoo boy. It is SO MUCH EASIER to update the facebook page sometimes. LOL. I was in a hurry and READY for the annual artist retreat and THAT is where I posted the card. My apologies (to the one person reading this blog). BIGtime. Here's the link. Go to the card and download Gary's newest Christmas song called "Sweet As A Candy Cane". It's a FREE mp3 and an AWESOME song (as usual) and I REALLY like it. It's bluesy and rocking and about a lonely elf at the North Pole. Again, I am SORRY that I didn't update the site. ARGHHHH. Anyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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  • The studio archives.

    Ok. You are about to enter somewhat daunting territory filled with massive, huge, perhaps towering amounts of confusion and possibly VERY boring, tedium... It's your call. You're in charge of your own fingers after all. Maybe you'll find something of interest but I am NOT guaranteeing ANYthing. Now (if you really INSIST on going through with this....), take a deep breath and...(click).

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