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  • How in the @#!! did I get here...AGAIN?

    April 6, 2012: two months of NOT drawing. Jeez, how did I get here...AGAIN? I am SO frustrated at this moment. Twice before, I almost lost my art. It's easier to do than you think. You put it down for a moment and then take a step away. Before you know it are MILES off course and years away from where you started. Ok. So what happened this time? The Short Version: unexpected issues with Gary's website coincided with the debut of the newest CD ("Just An Emotion"). Emergency surgery for his ENTIRE website became an IMMEDIATE task, butting heads with the incidental this-and-thats which always coincide with a dated album debut, and then... etc. etc. etc. A lot of good things got done, but man did it suck. So "What Happened?", The Really Short Version? LIFE happened. Things got extremely crazy over here for many, many weeks in a row. And..., somewhere in the middle of it all I realized that this was the SECOND month of NOT drawing the way I (nowadays), NEED to do. Sooo, you ask, "Why the panic?" Because THAT'S HOW IT STARTS. You say, "I'll draw tomorrow". That's the first step. I've been through it twice before. Each time it took me YEARS to REALIZE what was going on and then, YEARS to recover. I'm a tad sensitive to the issue nowadays. I am NOT even going to tell you about the nightmares. ARGHHHHH. There is NOT going to be a THIRD time. That's what this website is all about: an artist trying to make Art. REAL Art. Guess what. After a decade of struggling I AM STILL NOT THERE. I AM much further along the path. That's good. BUT..., not good enough. Making Art is NOT just about picking a pencil up. It's a frame of mind and a way of looking at things. It's a space to be inside ...and then, it's the act of bringing that inside... out. BUT, it is (also) about simply picking up the pencil. Sooo, I am sitting here stewing about WHAT I am going to DO that will finish moving this train onto the right track. Obviously I am missing something fundamental and logic declares that it MUST involve my attitude. Obviously I am STILL not thinking of Art as number one. This is f r u s t r a t i n g .

    I have gotten deep enough down the path to Art that if I DON'T draw during the just isn't normal and I start stressing. THAT is good. BUT, I have strayed a ways and need to step back onto that path RIGHT NOW...and since I did NOT leave my current drawing in an easy place to do so, stepping back into "A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand" at this juncture is going to be somewhat daunting. It's easier to be where THAT drawing IS (right now) when you have a natural momentum, that has been building, moving things along. Guess what. I don't. No momentum. Nada. Not even a small wind. AND, I KNOW this. Super dooper UGH. Sooo..., Gary KNOWS this too and he had a GREAT idea: why don't you pick up your sketchbook? Wow. What a concept. Yeah, go ahead... laugh away. I deserve it. My sketchbooks? They're packed away. The thought NEVER entered my feeble brain. You know, Gary is awesome. I haven't doodled in decades AND now I am. Every day. Even if for only five minutes at the end of a weeknight. I am doodling to get re-acquainted with my Art in a VERY non-threatening and non-pressured way. Laugh all you want, that's how it is. As I doodle away, I find myself looking over at my drawing and I feel my mind sliding over thataways and beginning to want to draw MORE than just be Intimidated With The Situation. Soooo now you KNOW. I "think" that maybe I might need to get Art into EVERY day of my life. Maybe that is the last step towards getting this train rocking and rolling. As of this moment, BIG Art is for the weekend and the noodling and doodlin' is for the daily grind time. Doodlin' is good for the artistic soul and allows the fingers to re-connect with that space inside (completely by-passing whatever the mind is playing with). LOL. I guess we'll see if this is the total answer or if there is more to come. I don't know. I really don't.

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    I don't know what to say right now. If you are here than it was probably by accident and you are just as surprised as I am. LOL. If you are here on purpose... that would mean you might want to read more. Hmmmm. Weird. Are you really THAT bored??????

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