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Welcome to the studio archives (2011): old blatherings, recorded musings and lots of dusty, thoughts from a different day. There are jumps and leaps between entries and NO CONSISTENCY at all*. Oh well. Peruse at your own (mental) peril as I assume NO RESPONSIBILITY and have not in any way implied that these would be entertaining. LOL. Anyway.
*Except for the fact that the entries ARE chronologically arranged.


  • 2011 Christmas card & song uploaded!

    Dec. 22, 2011: Gary and I went to Fort DeSoto beach and shot the final bits and pieces for one of the new videos we are producing for his upcoming release, "Just An Emotion". While we were there, we (also) shot the picture for our 2011 Christmas card. Artist note: after many comments, it has come to my attention that people think that Frosty the Sandman is REALLY HUGE. Well, he's not. LOL. I think he's really only about four inches tops (and that probably includes his hat). hehehehehe. Too funny. After building the little guy, Gary suggested that I shoot him from down under. Soooo, I was completely stretched out across the sand (on my belly) taking the picture and, really, just guessing as to the focus.... BUT, it was so worth it. Awesome. Most of Frosty is real (the hat, the scarf, the twigs, etc.) ...but the face and buttons are completely Photo-shopped. He was teeny weeny and I was in a hurry. We were kinda tired from the video shoot. Okie doke??? And, while you're checking out Frosty ...don't miss the 2011 Christmas song from Gary >> (Everything Is Alright) It's Christmas time. This year we didn't have time to shoot a Christmas video too (you can still view last the 2010 song on Gary's Youtube Channel). Anyway. We are just REALLY busy. There's only two of us and we're doing ALL of the work ourselves. Oh well. It keeps life interesting. Anyway. The annual artist retreat starts tomorrow. AND I CAN'T WAIT. THIS is one of the very last things I have to do before I can relax and JUST be an artist. I am going to be DRAWING and Gary is going to MAKE MUSIC. It's our Christmas present to ourselves >> we get to do our thing and be all of the us we can possibly be. LOL. Ultra cool and highly anticipated. The BEST Christmas present!I hope your holiday is just as happy and that you have an AWESOME (upcoming) new year. BIGtime :) Merry, merry, merry, happy, happy!!!!!

  • Waaaaay past overdue on SOOOO many fronts...

    Sept. 05, 2011: Ok. Here we go. The site is undergoing renovation. Stage one involves re-coding and re-organizing the entire site while at the exact same time trying to maintain SOME semblance of normality and NOT trying to freak out the search engine robots TOO MUCH. What do you mean? Could you PLEASE say that in English??? THAT means that almost everything that I am changing is on the back end and you will PROBABLY never see this part (coding, etc.). BUT, take my word for it: it is LONG OVERDUE. And, I am adding a new background to the pages that have changed so you can SEE where the wave is (currently) and track it for yourself :) Stage two will involve changing the link structure ENTIRELY and MORE re-organization ...but, let's not get carried away... that is probably a LONG time away. LOL. After all, I am almost two websites behind on Gary's stuff AND there is still parts of his artist site that need to be updated/fixed AND, I am REALLY trying to draw some pretty pictures too. And I'm not EVEN mentioning how far behind on petting the kitten I am. Jeez. Anyway. You get the picture. After YEARS of SAYING I was going to DO stuff to the website... I FINALLY am, kinda, starting it all. Don't get too excited. Don't hold your breath. The end o' that project is waaaay on down the road :)

  • The studio archives.

    The "News" is one of the very first sections to be "fixed" in the website RE-covery effort. I broke the meanderings down by year and uncovered an embarrassing fact. Some years only have one or two entries. Other years have MANY more. I'm REALLY not sure which is worst. More words or less? Too funny. I don't mind writing about the Art. That's different, it's ART! But...personal stuff. Hmmmm. So often stuff like that can be VERY boring reading unless arranged wittily (and I just don't have the time for THAT nonsense). LOL. So, what follows is often more sincere than witty.. I recommend you STOP right here :) :) :) But, if you insist...wherever you go, there you are.

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