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Welcome to the studio archives (2010): You'd think that with only ONE entry that it was a VERY short year. NOT really. It was quite the normal length. But anyway, you're here and I am just getting in the I will bow out and tell you to just Go For It. Read on (if that is what you MUST do). LOL.


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    Sometime in 2010: okay. So here is where we REALLY get to see that "NO INCONSISTENCY" thing actually happening. What happened?? Why is there ONLY one update for the ENTIRE year? Well (embarrassed silence). My website was so TERRIBLY out-of-date that I was embarrassed by it and REALLY didn't want to update ANYTHING but the BARE minimum, aka the artwork (the important stuff in my book). I didn't even want to LOOK at the site. Ugh. Therefore... NOTHING was done/written/logged for the ENTIRE year ...except the BARE minimum effort. Hhhh...mmmm... you say? Well. Ok. It's deserved. LOL. Here's the deal-io. If you own a website for MORE than a year.. you notice things that you REALLY wish you hadn't done (during the design process ...AND, keep in mind that THIS website has been around since 2000.) At the (inception) time... some of these things seem REALLY important AND beautiful AND EXACTLY what YOU would put on a website, ...but as time goes on.. you realize that these "things" are REALLY time consuming to maintain... and MAYBE ..not quite worth the effort. Well, that happened to me about seven years ago. At that point, I STARTED the RE-doing-it-all effort, got stopped halfway through ....and the site has been REALLY #$@!!! up ever since then. Sooooo... I stopped updating a LOT of the website. AND, I was VERY ...selective about what I did update. EVEN since that time (when I realized that I had backed myself into an uncomfortable design corner)... the WAY you WRITE web design code has changed (at least) TWICE. Jeez. AND, I've realized how much I need to re-organize the structure of the site TOO. This was just TOO much. So I (quietly) hid my head in the sand while trying to focus on Gary's stuff. Sooooooooooooo... that is why there is NOT TOO MUCH of the blathering idiot stuff for 2010. So there. NOW you KNOW. Sheesh. Count yourself lucky. Or not. It's your call :)

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    Want to know MORE??? Are you kidding? Really? THIS didn't forestall you? Ok. Here we go...

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