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Welcome to the archives (2006): you're getting there. Only six more years to go before you reach the very beginning of the website archives. AND, I have to let you know RIGHT NOW that there is NO REWARD for completion. Nothing. Not a dog-gone thing. No free sandwich. No free coffee. Just an ear full of old dusty thoughts. Although...I have to admit that the parts about Jack Barrett were worth re-reading (for me at least). He was REALLY nice, completely humble, very talented ...and it was quite inspiring to meet him.


  • Online Christmas card posted.

    Dec. 18, 2006: Well, I haven't been too good at the news but that's normal <lol>. I'm somewhat sporadic about that nowadays ...too much energy focused on trying to create ART! <sheesh>. Whatcha gotta go through to keep your art PURE <argh>. Anyway! Click here for the online Christmas card. Gary wrote another song! Yeah! It's listed on the card, just pick 'n click! This one is called, "Even Santa Gets the Blues." It runs about 5.5 MB so be patient with the download! We've also posted a personal greeting that is a little over half a MB :) Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza! ...and we can't forget Festivus for the rest of us! hehehehe. Have a happy everyone!

  • A visit to Jack Barrett's studio.

    June 18, 2006: I read a newspaper article review of the artist Jack Barrett and decided to check out his artwork so I dropped by the The Galleries at Salt Creek (1600 Fourth St. S, St. Petersburg). Wow. Very sweet indeed. You can see for yourself by checking out his website. But there was more. I actually got to meet Jack Barrett. Do you know what he asked me? "Do you carry a sketchbook around with you?" He has 40 years worth of sketchbooks to look through for inspiration (etc.). Man, does that bring it all home. I used to carry one with me EVERYWHERE...but that was a long time ago. He's right you know. Carrying a sketchbook EVERYWHERE with not just a childish thing to be forgotten. It's ammunition and inspiration, it's practice and total immersion into an artistic mind set's what you do! It's what all the great artists did before the camera <g>. Boy have I gotten lazy. It's just a fact that as an artist: you carry a sketchbook. Period. I am REALLY glad that I dropped by The Galleries at Salt Creek and it's not just for the great artwork. Spending ten minutes talking with Jack Barrett left me with enough to think about for the entire day AND it has me itching to get out there and work on that new drawing!!! Thanks Jack. BIGtime. You reminded me of some things I'd forgotten.

  • Real news will be posted SOON.

    Feb. 22, 2006: I've updated the "NEW ARTWORK" section of the site and will be updating this section too, pretty soon. Stay tuned for the blah, blah, blah part -- coming soon <g>....

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  • The studio archives.

    I find it a tad bit hard to be facetious after re-reading the Jack Barrett entry. I hope you find something in all of these meanderings of the mind inspire you in some way too. Or at least entertain you in some strange way (although I would recommend downloading Marc Maron's podcast/WTF, instead as it is MUCH more entertaining and very witty too).

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