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Welcome to the archives (2005): for me this was a VERY traumatic and crazy year. I couldn't even LISTEN to Chris' music for a year after he died. I'm over that now. Thank goodness. That would have been a crazy STUPID compound loss. No. I just needed time to assimilate the ...thought. Ugh. But the year had good things in it too. The good, the bad and the ugly. That's what we ALL get.


  • Chris Whitley: 1960-2005... a BIG loss.

    Nov. 29, 2005: Chris Whitley, 1960 - (Nov. 20) 2005. This is a BIG loss. Chris was an artist of remarkable talent: a poet, an Austin guitar slinger, and someone with the courage to follow the muse to many beautifully strange places. I remember reading an interview recently and not being too awfully surprised to hear that he had his own battered copy of the Surrealist Manifesto. He was an artist of many layers, not easily put into a box. And he's gone. He died in the arms of the woman he was going to marry, surrounded by his daughter and brother. What a loss, such a big loss to all of us. If you want to read a really eloquent tribute, read what Ian Moore wrote. It's beautiful. (Sorry, that link is no longer available.) Gary also put a tribute up on his website too ( Gary's archives: Nov. 22, 2005). Click here to go to Chris' website. If you haven't heard his music before, step slowly's very rich fare ...and well worth the reach.

  • Two pieces go on exhibition!

    Nov. 06, 2005: A new section has just been added to the website, it's titled "Exhibitions & Shows". It is going to be slow going with the startup as things are VERY busy on this end (as always <lol>). BUT, I do have one show listed. It's the first in more than a decade! One more step on the path I am trying to get firmly ensconced upon <g>. I've also added the official artist resume to the "Details" area of the website. It felt REALLY good to get that done (even though there's not a whole lot on it yet). It's my own fault, I'm the one who has been hiding from my ART for way too long <argh>. If I'd been doing what I was meant to be doing all along I'd probably already be there by now <roflmao>.

    "Part IV: Epilogue: Abracadabra" (pen & ink drawing) and "The Garden: under that old apple tree" (oil painting) are currently entered in the Members' Holiday Show at the St. Petersburg (FL) Arts Center. I've been so busy this year but I set a goal, at the beginning of the year, that I would be entered into at least one show this year. So, YEAH! It's official. I FINALLY have an artist resume, work IS going on display and the studio is ALMOST ready. I know, sometimes, that it just seems like it's baby steps getting everywhere...but oh, what a place to be getting too! I hope to have the studio done enough that I can do some creating around the holidays and I am REALLY expecting 2006 to be an extremely creative year. We'll see (I guess <g>). You are invited to stick around and see how it goes :) If you're in the area, stop by the Arts Center and check out the show :)

  • FIVE years online!

    Jul. 05, 2005: Established July 5, 2000...this is the fifth year the website has been online (and boy has it gone through CHANGES <g>). I am still unpacking and rearranging things, but I hope to have the studio up within the next month or two. Hang in there, I hope to get my hands on a pen and get to creating NEW ART sometime soon <sheesh>!!! In addition to the move AND overbooking the graphics studio...we have been trying to release two of Gary's most recent indie CDs too! The artwork for "Instrumentality II" was promised out in November and has JUST been completed (the man is PATIENT). Want to see what we've been working on? Click here for original, indie instrumental music featuring the electric guitar :) In this's ALL ABOUT the ART!

    As for right now, I am at the HARDEST part of the unpacking. What was (once-upon-a-time) a garage FULL of boxes, is ALMOST an art studio. Most of the boxes have been unpacked and LOTS of things have been put aside for the garage AND the ebay sales <lol>. The last 30 boxes are all books. Ugh. This is really tuff. Books (especially sci-fi and fantasy) were my first stepping stones into the imagination...and I have a LOT of them. Unfortunately, it is time to get REAL and go through them and liberate them from the boxes. Since I don't have a whole ton of room (it would take a LOT of room to display this collection <lol>)...I am trying to cull them down to a more manageable amount. Once I get through this last set of (30+) boxes, I can FINALLY set the art studio up and get to making NEW ART, and catch the websites up, and finish the artwork for the NEW CD Gary is getting ready to release <roflmao> and.... hehehehe :) It's always something <lol>. Hang in there baby. I'm hoping to make this a fall to remember art-wise. We'll see :)

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  • Overboard on the busy!

    Feb. 27, 2005: Apologies for the long absence, a LOT has happened in the interim (wow this has been a fantastic year so far <g>)! I way overbooked the studio by accident AND moved into a new house. Between the two, there hasn't been time to do ANYTHING. Give me another month and then I'll be back to catch the site up. Maybe by then I'll have my studio set up again too. I hope so. See ya in April :)

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  • The studio archives.

    So, you're still here? Ok. I'm surprised. BIGtime. I figured NO ONE would read this far back, that it would just be me and the dust bunnies. Well, if YOU'RE still here then I guess I'd better show you where the waaayback machine is located. Step aboard baby, watch your head...we're headed for 2004.

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