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Welcome to the archives (2003): Gary says that I should put a page dated 1868 in the archives list. The suggested text for the page, "Oops! I haven't been born yet." Tooo funny :) I like the idea but I think that by the time I get to THAT part of the archives, I will be way too tired of the whole thing to have any energy leftover for funny. There are a LOT of pages here. Jeez. Soooooo, you get it (the image) now instead of the actuality. Can you tell that I am NOT the only smart butt Eisenbraun running around here. LOL.


  • Happy New Year!

    Dec. 28, 2003: I hope you had a fantastic holiday season :) I know that this particular entry is dated 2003, but that's a mere technicality (and a way to make SURE that there is a new posting for the first part of January <lol>). Oh well. Happy New Year everyone! <btw> I'm starting a brand new section on the website entitled, "NEW ARTWORK." In this section you'll find progressive photos as new pieces of artwork are created. As each piece is completed the photos will be moved from the NEW ARTWORK page to the online gallery artwork page--where pricing information, etc. will also be available. Quite often multiple pieces are created simultaneously, so it's possible that more than one will be posted :) Ok? Especially if I happen to be working in oil paints (which take FOREVER to dry <g>). Right now, "The Garden" is in process. It's funny, but this particular artwork was started in 1996 and that was a long time ago. I've kind of lost touch with the concept...BUT, over the Christmas holiday I've made a concerted effort to pick up the paintbrush and I think it's going rather well. The first oil painting I've done in decades (MOST of the posted work are acrylic paintings). It's funny but the interim has probably changed the piece from a dark forbidding affair to a brighter, more enlightened sort of piece :) Anyway. Good luck with your NEW YEAR resolutions!!


    Dec. 12, 2003: Brand new, hot off the here to access the website holiday greeting card! Happy holidays everyone! In past years my Christmas cards have been handmade out of paper, etc. This is the first year for digital, multi-media cards. Woohoo! Too cool :) Gary added the audio dimension, in the form of small .mp3 files (92-160 kb each) and I think these are the BEST cards ever! We had a LOT of fun recording the greetings (although Shaqi didn't quite know what to make of being chased around the apartment by a mike <lol>). Anyway, I've been SUPER busy and am waaaaay behind in the painting department. So far I am STILL working on "The Garden." I'll let you know when the next one gets posted. This is what New Year's resolutions are all about eh? I think mine will be to get at least FIVE paintings done this year!!!!! In between time...have a WONDERFUL holiday season!


    Nov. 13, 2003: Well, I finally did it--picked up the paintbrush and got back to work on "The Garden" :) This painting was started in 1996 sometime and hasn't been touched since then <jeez>. I had to dust it off before I did anything else <lol>. The first choice: acrylic or oil paints? Acrylics are GREAT if you want some elbow room because they dry quickly and you can mask mistakes because they do go opaque! BUT, you get such wonderful color with the oils, although they do take FOREVER to dry (unless you paint REAL thin) and they are somewhat transparent. I decided to go with the oil paints. And then I started (slowly) remembering ALL of the things I had forgotten, like you need two resealable containers (at least) to put working amounts of turpentine and linseed oil in, put paper under your painting so the paint doesn't drip on the carpet, etc. etc. Oh well. Hopefully, I'll get the muse to smile on me soon, even if it is laughter at my clumsy attempts. Whatever it takes to get her back in my corner :) I've had a mouse in my hand for so long, it feels kind of weird to put a paintbrush back there. Weird, but in a good way :)

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    Oct. 29, 2003: Halloween is a personal symbol for me. It means cooler weather and the start of the wonderful holiday season. It's a time for changes, merriment, family, friends and more--my favorite time of year! And, while caught up in that GREAT feeling I just happened to put out the BEST deals of the year on the commercial graphics side of the site. This year I concentrated on special web design discount packages. If you need a website, you might want to check these out--I put together a few SUPER SPECIAL package deals--with savings from $385-$875 off the regularly priced web design packages. I know, I know...this is the fine art side...but I'm really happy with these packages so I guess it JUST spilled over. Anyway, put on a costume, go act silly and have a wonderful time :)

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    Oct. 16, 2003: Look under the 'Art Galleries' and you will see a new feature itemizing the latest update and the section it occurred in. I hope you find this helpful. The NEWS section does not always change out with each update because sometimes I just add another definition to the symbolism reference ...and don't really have anything NEW to say <g>. Anyway, have a HaPpY :)

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    Oct. 11, 2003: All of the site visitor areas are completed! YEAH! There is only one major step left: search engine optimization (keywords, meta tags, etc.). My least favorite part of website design, but a necessary evil <g>. Then it will all be finished and I can start adding new artwork into the site! Whoosh! I can't wait!!!! In the last year the self-imposed projects have included: building up the entire commercial graphics side of the studio website; creating, developing, etc. Gary's website (; many smaller side projects; and then THIS, the complete renovation and upgrade of the fine art side. Each of the three sites contain hundreds of pages and are VERY graphic intensive. These projects have taken up ALL of any free time I might have. My fault, I wanted the BEST for both of us and I make my own trouble half the time <lol>. I'm very glad that I'm a web designer because it's the only way we could afford such LUXURIOUS sites :) But boy am I GLAD to finally be nearing completion on this long list of tasks I set for myself. I do have one more thing to do, (finish setting prices for the commercial graphics side of the site) but I'm going to work that in between making new art. I'm rambling. I'm tired, but happy :) It's been a LOT of work, but you get a GREAT feeling of accomplishment when you look back over a number of jobs well done.

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    Oct. 06, 2003: The surreal symbolism reference section is finally beginning to take shape. Most of my reference books are packed away (in storage) so you may find most of the definitions coming from one source. This is a temporary situation only, which will eventually be rectified. Plus, during the ongoing renovation it makes it a bit easier for me to continue compiling. The long term goal for the section will involve multiple definitions from many sources for each symbol (Jung, Freud, Campbell, Estes, etc.). The project is at the very beginning stages and will be proceeding step-by-step, but one day it is going to be INCREDIBLE! Stay tuned :)

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    Sept. 27, 2003: The site renovation is not finished yet, but it IS almost two-thirds done! The drawing gallery is just missing zoom close-ups of the side and back of the artwork, but those will be taken and posted soon. The shopping cart is working throughout the entire site, so SUPPORT THE ARTS and start thinking: Christmas presents for loved ones! <g> I hope to have the ENTIRE renovation completed within a month. Your patience is (of course) appreciated :) Usually I try to put a new word up in the symbol dictionary every time I update the news, however I want to double-check the shopping cart and drawing gallery so please forgive me :)

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  • TAKE 999....and...ACTION!!!

    Sept. 22, 2003: So far I've taken enough photos to fill 12 CDs (700 MB each). Wow, I never knew it was solo hard to photograph artwork. I think I've taken about 20-200 photographs of each piece, and they're still not all PERFECTLY flat photos. Please forgive any imperfections in the picts, perspectively speaking that is. Since I'm not a professional photographer I'm using Gary's microphone stand as my camera tripod (he got tired of hearing me cuss out the camera and volunteered it <lol> :) The cussing was immediately cut by 50%. The man is a genius! The drawing gallery is about halfway completed and should be posted sometime this week. As always, YOUR patience is appreciated :)

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    Sept. 05, 2003: Right now I'm caught up TRYING to take photos of old artwork, etc. It's a LOT harder than you would think <lol>. Especially the framed pieces <ugh>. Oh well, it's just another learning curve. Once the photos are done, edited, etc. then I'll put the art galleries together. Your patience is appreciated during the website renovation.

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    Aug. 31, 2003: Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has a GREAT holiday :) As for the site, still under renovation --but it's almost halfway there! The links section is completed, half of the main pages are up and the galleries are started. Your patience is appreciated.

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    Aug. 23, 2003: Finally, after all this time, the renovation is underway!!!! Currently all of the links pages are up, the gallery front page and the faq. Just to let you know, the shopping cart and security explanation will be the last pages linked up. In the meantime, MORE pages are on the way! I know this is a mess, but after all of the apologies and delays...I figured walking through the mess would be preferable to even MORE talking about it <g>. Your patience is appreciated :)

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  • The studio archives.

    Wow. Almost to the end. The archives ONLY go to 2000 'cause that's when the site went up: the new millennium. Thank goodness. Transferring this info is a lot of work. It helps that Gary is playing guitar right behind me. Otherwise this would be TOO boring. NOT the most exciting thing to do with your day. I hope you're enjoying this. LOL. You want more??? You know how this works.... just click the link baby :)

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