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Welcome to the archives (2002): well, 2002 is a QUICK read as there is only one entry. Maybe I wuz having a future-flashback and thought I was in 2007 (or around there). LOL. I quit smoking that year (2002). Wow. THAT was a REALLY HARD thing to do. So there you go. I saved you some time. Now you don't have to read the entry below.



    June 01, 2002: Okay, so it's been a couple days since I last logged on, but the air is a LOT cleaner nowadays. I quit smoking ciggs <ugh>....and have been changing a LOT of things 'round here :) AND, the site has been under consideration because it is ONCE AGAIN...up for redesign <roflmao>. Still not quite happy with it <g>. When I initiated the site (almost two years ago) was very different and I wuz very naive <lol>. Now that I've lived with it for a couple of years, I plan on un-doing a couple of things, fixing a couple, leaving a few doors open for a slooooow renovation and upgrading the CONTENT portion :) Plus, I'll probably be moving the site soon (to another server) we may be down for a day or two...but hang in there (or drop by sometime later :)

    This is my first time to be a business, so it's taking some practice :) Hell, just being an artist has been a full time job up 'til now <g>. So next month will herald a two year anniversary for the site (YEAH) and my 40th birthday. Wow. Thirty was nuttin :) Time to party BIGtime (upcoming soon)...and time to stop waiting until "tomorrow" to start everything <laugh>. Happy happy everyone! TWO YEARS ONLINE (WOOOOHOOOO). There are changes coming (but don't hold your breath)....just bookmark the site and check back every once in a while :) PLUS...I am horribly behind on putting up link requests. My apologies....

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    You did it anyway, eh? You didn't just end up here, you had to read through to get here. You did, didn't you??? Ok. Slap me baby. It's late at night and I'm getting giddy ('cause I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS CHORE). Yippee cay ya motherwhatsit. LOL. BIGtime :) I really hope I didn't write too much in 2001. Sheesh.

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