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Welcome to the archives (2001): it's funny but after all of those smart ass remarks about HOW embarrassing these logs are, because YES there are TRULY naive bits here and there (the kind that make ya squirm in your seat) ...I noticed a particularly personal date, stopped and read the entry. Wow. Mind blowing. It's really personal so I can't tell. It's from a time that I REMEMBER, but I'd forgotten that teeny, tiny ...very real moment. Ok. I get it. Wow. How can memory be SOOO tenuous, SOO malleable AND SOOOO concrete (all at the same time)???.



    Oct. 01, 2001: Jeez...another was one year ago today that I moved to the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. Wow, so many memories....a really "weird" time for me, yet....honestly, it was one of the happiest times of my life. I'd made a commitment that was going to change my life. Forever. I'd thought about it long and hard...then I...JUMPED!!!! It's funny how fate can take those words so literally sometimes. Yes, my life has changed...just not in a way I'd ever imagined. I've thought (a number of times)...of moving back to Orlando, where my latest batch of friends are....BUT...I really do like this area, I'm REALLY tired of moving, and I've decided to see where...fate is going to lead me next (it's been an interesting path so far, to say the least). And this is where I was maybe there's a reason for this latest circle. Maybe it's time for a rebirth.

    And...there's something in the air.... It's been an unusual weather pattern here recently (for Florida). The air has a chill to it, extremely unusual....we normally don't get a "chill" until at least December/January. It REALLY feels like fall (my favorite season). By the end o' the week they say we'll be back into the "normal" pattern (80-90 degrees). Maybe the weather will be, but I think I'll keep on this unusual path...and see where it will lead.


    Sept. 15, 2001: For so long Americans have loved, squabbled and any big family will. And then this tragedy struck. My heart was torn over the innocents so callously ...wiped from the face of the earth, the bravery of so many firemen and policemen, the bravado of an entire city, and the heroism of ordinary people on a flight that ended in rural Pennsylvania. I wept from the pain, while my soul was uplifted by the beauty so cruelly exposed. Even those miles away from the disaster spent six or more hours in line, waiting to give blood (and help in any way possible). Here in Florida, after so many days of tragedy, we faced our own small disaster ....a possible hurricane headed our way. Most people were so busy following the tragedy that they weren't even aware of the impending storm until the last moment (and then it struck about twelve hours earlier than forecast). My heart (like that of many Floridians) was numb, already exhausted from our American tragedy. Afterwards, as many Floridians looked upon their houses flooded thigh high, and faced the loss of their possessions...the phrase heard repeatedly was..."they have it so much worse in New York, and at least I'm alive." The stoicism on faces and in voices reinforce the fact: yes, we Floridians were very lucky and emphasize the tremendous impact this American tragedy has made on our lives (how often has "stoicism" been seen on TV in recent years?). I salute the brave people all over this country and the brave hearts of our allies around the world! And as we prepare to enter what could be a very dark period, I hope that we remain stalwart and strong against the evil we have decided to combat.

    And now, a not become terrorists of innocent people whose only crime is their religion or nationality (that is EXACTLY why we were attacked). Many of them are AMERICANS too (we are quite a mixed bag of nationalities after all). If you really think they're guilty of something, turn their name over to the FBI and let them handle it. Remember our motto? Innocent until proven guilty. WE are not terrorists, we are entering a stop that sort of thing!

    On a personal is rare that I miss a posting in the news column (changing out feature links is another subject entirely). Trying to pay rent just got in the way. That and the expansion of the site. Last month the design studio was added (and it is still under construction). A note: the site now has more than 145 pages...and is growing! Hopefully there will come a time soon, when the entire site is down to a smaller rate of growth and renovation so regular maintenance of the many features can take place on a more regular basis <g>. Even though feature links have not been changed out in a while, there are many new links (especially in the local live venues area). I hope you enjoy your visit to the site...and keep on sending in suggested links! Thanks.

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    July 04, 2001: This is SOOOO cool! Today is the anniversary of the day the site went up! (A symbolic independence day celebration of the personal kind :) I'm sure it's only a BIG deal to me <g>....but it's something I had tried to make happen for SOOO long, that I'm very happy about the whole deal :) Twenty years from now (hopefully) the site will still be up and running... just probably a whole lot bigger and better <laugh>. The (current) redesign was scheduled to be done by today, but I kinda got distracted by business (the kind that pays the rent). So, somewhere around the end o' the week everything should be up and running. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to get the feature links changed out by then too :) Happy 4th everyone!!!! Hope you have a GOOD one!

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    June 12, 2001: The site was down for a couple of days (while I transferred to a new server). AND I went ...bananas (to say the least <g>). I have a LOT of hope for this new company and expect NEW! improved (and BETTER) things!!! The company?: Check it out for yourself :) The E-commerce site should be set up soon (hopefully)....just have a few details to iron out (in the meantime <laugh>). AND ...I STILL have to fix the site e-mail addresses <sigh>. Hang in there!! Meanwhile, the site redesign is progressing (slowly ...since I keep changing my mind <laugh>). As a friend recently commented, "It will be an ongoing process ...forever." The site is approaching the FIRST anniversary...and has been through three redesigns so far <rolfmao>. In the meantime....keep tuning in (same Batchannel, etc.).

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    June 02, 2001: Well, the site redesign is about...25% accomplished, and there's a lot more coming up! I've also updated about 30% of the feature links and added more! There's even a new section featuring FREE online design tutorials that a number of VERY talented artists offer! Of course after viewing all of these extremely cool sites...I wish I had a couple of years free to (1) learn more, (2) re-redesign my site <g>, (3) find time to play with Flash somewhat, (4) work on that fine art piece I've been talking about FOREVER and still (5) pay rent <laugh>. Oh well. Hope you enjoy!

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    May 12, 2001: Well...the site update is in progress. The entrance has a whole new look and the interior has been updated/corrected, but still reflects the old look. Comments and suggestions are always welcome (of course). Unfortunately, the only feature links updated so far are the central Florida ones...and I haven't had a spare second to find some new ones to add. Know of art sites you'd like to recommend?? Send them to me!

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    May 07, 2001: Working on updating the links section (it always takes DAYS!!!). Found some more writers to add. Anyone know of central Florida art links I'm missing??? HELP! Pass them my way.

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    May 06, 2001: Complimentary sites were offered to artists I wish to support. Unfortunately they do not appear to be interested in participating. My apologies, but "exhibits" are discontinued until further notice.

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    Apr. 27, 2001: So much has could call the last couple of months "the worst time in my entire life" (and that was on top of a pretty intense year).  My  world rattled, rolled and was turned upside down repeatedly and I'm still trying to find all of the pieces (should make for some interesting art, eh?). My computer hasn't been turned on for a month while I packed, moved into a new apartment, unpacked, started a new job, tried to find my tax stuff, etc....and my site has been somewhat neglected during the process. But some really beautiful things were also discovered during this time. Sometimes a good shakeup is needed.

    I have a ton of ideas for improvements, additions, etc. planned for the site and I look forward to implementing them :) New feature links, etc. should be up sometime this weekend, the rest will come as time allows. Hope you enjoy your visit to the site.

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    Mar. 05, 2001: This month has been absolutely crazy so far (a LOT going on)...and as a consequence ...I'm a little behind on changing/updating the feature links, etc. Gary's site is also semi-somewhat nearing completion (have you seen it yet?--check out "exhibits"). Don't have Flash yet? Go to the "links" page and click on the button, install and cruise!

    Next article: Dream interpretation. It's in my head at the moment and will take a bit to get past all the other stuff ahead of it. Check back or send an e-mail and I'll notify you as soon as it's up!

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    Feb. 02, 2001: Wow! Tampa sure was crazy during the Super Bowl celebration :) My first Gasparilla Pirate Fest, and boy was it a doozy! DEFinitely had a BLAST <g>, even though I DID miss the actual parade (parade viewing was not a requirement to participate, neither was actually having Super Bowl tickets). If you were in the area...hope you had FUN too!

    There's been a slight redesign of the site--always looking for ways to improve things (keeps me REAL busy <laugh>). Right now, I'm working on updating the feature links (give me a couple of days) and adding even more ART links in. The side galleries/exhibits are still under construction--I hope to have them up sometime soon, so check back often!

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    Jan. 04, 2001: Still can't believe we are in 2001. Wow. It's DEF blowing my mind <g>. Best wishes to you and yours! Apologies for not updating the links--gave myself and the featured artists a holiday gift--and decided to let the links stand :) But I'm getting the new ones up, adding more and planning to have them all updated by the end o' the weekend.

    The "exhibits" are still under construction. I hope to have them up sometime in January or February, and's time to start a new work <g>. Additional news: "Electric" Gary Eisenbraun is putting the finishing touches to another CD (!!!!) and (St.) Nick is deciding which poems, etc. he wishes to initially showcase. In the meantime--check back often and SUPPORT THE ARTS!!!!!!

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    I've noticed that the word REDESIGN keeps popping up year-after-year. Too funny. Especially since THIS is happening because I am ....(go ahead, say it) ...REDESIGNing the site AGAIN. Well, that is going to happen if you have the site for MORE THAN A DECADE. LOL. BIGtime :) As for the archives ...bottom floor coming up. Get all of your personal belongings together and don't forget to put your seat in the upright position. This flight is almost over...

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