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Welcome to the archives (2000): Well. Ok. You're here and you are NOT going to get a medal. Sorry. Couldn't resist. Oh well. This is it for the archives -- you have reached the bottom floor. Just LOOK at those dust bunnies over there <sheesh>. They're HUGE. Shhh! Don't move or they will see you. LOL. Of course. MORE happened, but I am SO GLAD that I did not NEED to write about it all. This part of my job is done: transcription completed, new pages set up. Yeah!



    Nov. 01, 2000: For anyone actually following the bio, or wondering WHY..."Orlando-based" disappeared from the site frontpage....the path appears to have come full circle....back to the place where I was born--a city never known 'til now (St. Petersburg/Tampa bay).

    Orlando links will continue/stand...and the central Florida section will just expand a wee bit into the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas <g>. Suggested links (AND corrections) are always welcome...just send an e-mail! Support the arts!!! I hope you bear with me during the building process... Your interest is appreciated!

  • The studio archives.

    Can you believe that when this site first went up (July 4, 2000) it was JUST my commercial artist resume? The sign on the front page said, "Artist for rent." Can't believe that I remembered that weird, little factoid. LOL. I had worked REALLY hard to get my very FIRST computer. Personal computers were still somewhat of a luxury item for MANY (not the everyday experience of NOW). And then, the company I worked for went out of business. It was REALLY sad as they were AWESOME people to work for (and to know) AND I REALLY enjoyed my job. Anyway. My first priority was to get the resume up (so I could find a job). Then the Art went up in an effort to support myself thataways. Boy was I incredibly naive. Back then EVERYONE thought you just needed the internet and a product (any product would do) ...and you would become a millionaire. The myth of El Dorado lives on in a new incarnation. Too funny. Well, guess what. It DOESN'T work like that. Damn.

    MORE...??? Not today :)