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Thoughts: Chess, a game. Movement of pieces. Black and white, good and bad. Two Knights.
The white picket fence is an old American dream from the 50s: to own, to have, home sweet home with a white picket fence.

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Definitions are supplied to demystify symbolism (and the artwork in this studio).
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The fact of the nut is that it's a very hard shell guarding a tiny treasure. Slang definitions for nuts (cultural interpretation layer): to be crazy, male testicles, etc. As for traditional symbolic meanings, a few different ones are listed below.
Posted: September 27, 2003.


Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 372
According to the Historia naturalis of Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79), the shade of the walnut TREE is particularly dark, and harmful for plants and persons. The nut itself, which in many fairy tales and legends contains secret riches, is of considerable symbolic importance in general: a hard shell surrounds valuable contents. ...Psychologists in the Jungian tradition seem to view the nut similiarly: "Dreams of walnuts may refer to attempts to solve a difficult problem in which something valuable is at stake. But far more often walnuts, like so much graffiti, simply represent female genitalia" [Aeppli].
Posted: September 27, 2003.

Want to know more? Go out and pick up a copy of the book(s) quoted and expand your mind :) These are MY teachers, the people who teach me about symbolism :) I hope the supplied definitions help you understand the art found on this site.

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