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Thoughts: Chess, a game. Movement of pieces. Black and white, good and bad. Two Knights.
The white picket fence is an old American dream from the 50s: to own, to have, home sweet home with a white picket fence.

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Definitions are supplied to demystify symbolism (and the artwork in this studio).
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Another symbol for rebirth or transformation but in an immortal/never-ending sort of way. A continuous process (like the rising of the sun). The Phoenix burns to ashes and then is reborn complete and whole. This transformation isn't so much a transformation into something new or different (like with a BUTTERFLY) but more of bringing a life or energy full circle, back to the original purpose/energy and starting over (again).
Posted: September 05, 2003.
Revised: October 6, 2003.
Updated: April 19, 2004.


Shortcut links to the (expert) quotes below:
Jung: Man and His Symbols
Biedermann: Dictionary of Symbolism
Vollman: The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols


Man and His Symbols, p. 365
...He then tried to destroy their breeding ground by fire. This is a positive action, because fire can symbolically lead to transformation and rebirth (as, for instance, it does in the ancient myth of the phoenix).
Posted: May 02, 2004.

Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 264-265
A legendary HERON-like BIRD of considerable importance, widely associated with notions of immortality and resurrection. It's name goes back to the Greek word for red--the color of FIRE--because the bird was said to arise again perpetually from its ashes after a purifying fire had consumed it. Its origin is the sacred Egyptian bird Benu, or Bynw, a heron said to have been the first creature to alight on the hill that came into being out of the primordial ooze. Benu was revered in Heliopolis as a manifestation of the SUN god;...
Posted: September 05, 2003.

The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols, p. 335-336
See Peacock. According to the most widely read book of the Middle Ages, Physiologus, the phoenix of India is more beautiful than a peacock. After 500 years, and at new moon, the phoenix flew to Heliopolis, presented itself to the priest, and then burned itself on the altar. What remained was a worm from which wings began growing, and the phoenix was reborn. A symbol of resurrection, rebirth, and transformation.
Posted: January 17, 2004.

Want to know more? Go out and pick up a copy of the book(s) quoted and expand your mind :) These are MY teachers, the people who teach me about symbolism :) I hope the supplied definitions help you understand the art found on this site.

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