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Commissioned original fine artwork is a rarity in this portfolio and so is the woodcut style on display here. You'd think woodcut style would be pretty easy but it is the complete opposite of my (somewhat) baroque approach to pen and ink. This is a rare piece indeed <lol>.

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This is a specially commissioned work of art
and it is not for sale.

14" x 17"
35.6 x 43.2 cm

Original CD cover art
(rustic woodcut engraving art style).

Resides in the private collection of:
Gary Eisenbraun, Florida.

TITLE: "In the Weeds" © Chris Eisenbraun 2004.

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This is an original work of art commissioned for an acoustic CD. The request: black & white artwork; rural, rustic, simple; include a scythe and a field of wheat. That's when the thought "woodcut style" hit me. Well, it's not as easy as it looks. When you tend to draw one thing with a million strokes of ink and suddenly you're cut down to one or two...well, it's like playing a six string guitar and suddenly being restricted to only three strings. It's VERY hard (and there was a LOT of cussing involved). Tie that into the fact that ink is unforgiving and you'll understand why this is the third start on this particular work <ugh>. The cool thing about setting the bar so high? The feeling of accomplishment you get when you achieve your goal :)

This was supposed to be a quickie, but then I decided that instead of merely doing a quick sketch ...I'd give the work as a framed piece (a LOT more involved sort of idea <g>). Boy, one of these days I'm going to quick making things so hard on myself <roflmao>.




Original commissioned artwork by a comtemporary artist.

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