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A brand new surreal pic (2004) that finished off a contemporary surreal series of art that began in 1996. One of the major symbols, carried throughout the entire series, is the faery wings (a symbol for IMAGINATION). I like the fact that such a dramatic series...ends with a smile :) A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included with purchase.

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medium: ball-point pen.
size: 17" x 21"
43.18 x 53.34 cm
owner: ...your name here...
frame: an old, slightly battered frame; a few nicks and cuts.
notes: click here to view photos charting the progress :)
price: $1750
shipping: $40 inside the U.S.; outside U.S., request quote prior to purchase. Includes insurance.
info: ships within 24 hours of funds clearance.
method: ground.
warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee.
currency: U.S. dollars.

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TITLE: "Part IV: Epilogue: Abracadabra." © Chris Eisenbraun 2004.

This surreal pic started out as an exercise in drawing. It had been soo long, that I was downright rusty. Click here to take a peek at the first false starts on this project <lol>.

It's amazing how the subconscious works! Here I am, doing my self-imposed homework (drawing exercises), putting keywords into the website and reading a book in-between. The book ends off with an incredible mental image of a young lady with dragon blood, a blazing fire and some baby dragons. A sci-fi/fantasy Madonna of fire sort of surreal image. I figure this is where my burning hair is coming into play. It's fine with me that the image is going from homework to surreal art pic :) At the same time I'm working on the keywords of the drawing gallery and I get stuck looking at "Midnight" for a while. The imagery of Pain, Anger & Sorrow just locks me into a flashback. Intense. Then I carry on and forget about it. Somewhere along the way, I'm working on this little doodle and I walk by a copy of "Midnight" hanging on the wall...and it hits me: I have to add faery wings to this image because the face in the burning hair has returned. Everything has come full circle. What began in Pain, Anger & Sorrow has moved into Happiness. Wow. Blow me away, but it's true. So now you know too.

This is the final work in a series of original surreal pics, began in 1996. Common elements of the series: a broken queen of hearts playing card, the i-fish and a fairy (as well as the use of three separate inking techniques). By the third surreal pic in the series, the fairy image (a symbol for the artist's imagination) has broken into two separate pieces: shown as faery wings. The faery wings are the element included in this small work of art, the culmination (a footnote almost) to the surreal pics began so many years ago. It's a mental cleaning house before the stage is set for the next period (hopefully a VERY prolific one :)

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Surreal: having an oddly dreamlike quality.

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