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This is an early work (pre 1995), one of a set of two original black & white fine art drawings that explore the fact of loneliness. This is an original pencil sketch, one of the rare, raw works that is bereft of any surreal or fantasy art reference. A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included with purchase.

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medium: graphite pencil(s).
size: 27" x 24.75" x 1"
68.58 x 62.87 x 2.54 cm
owner: ...your name here...
frame: original, silver painted wooden frame (shown) included.
notes: a few small nicks and scratches in the frame, overall good condition.
price: $550
shipping: $30 inside the U.S.; outside U.S., request quote prior to purchase. Includes insurance.
info: ships within 24 hours of funds clearance.
method: ground.
warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee.
currency: U.S. dollars.

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TITLE: "Solitaire" © Chris Eisenbraun 1990.

I've seen so many people who are lonelier as two/a couple than they could ever be as a single person. A bad relationship can really bend your perspective and a placebo is still a placebo, whether it comes in the form of a sugar pill or a person. Sometimes being "happily" unhappy (as two) is a LOT worse the the pure reality of being on your own. This image seemed to really capture that sort of moment. Been there, done that and done moooooved on :)

Trying to remember...I 'think' that this image come from an old TV Guide Movie of the Week photo or some suchness. Not sure.

This is one of two pieces of pencil sketch art, only this one is on display in the online artwork gallery. The other is also a black & white fine art drawing, very similarly matted, and also a pencil sketch. A private collector in Panama City (FL) owns that one. Both drawings focus on the fact of loneliness. Both pieces were created during a time when I was very lonely myself and dying my hair violently red.




Symbols deal with life in the same way the subconscious hands out dreams: heavily disguised.

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