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  • POSTED: June 4, 2012 | ART PICT: May 28, 2012

    Over the hump.


    *There's a four month difference between these two entries. The BIG, fully detailed explanation can be found in the News section, additional details are located in the doodle blog.

    Ok. This is what happened that weekend (when I FINALLY re-started drawing THIS ONE). Gary and I had decided to take four days OFF from EVERYTHING. Boy did we need it. I NEEDED to work on this drawing and just friggin' GET OVER THE HUMP. I WANT TO WORK ON MY DRAWING. DAMNIT. Sooo.... day one, I'm sitting there...fixing something on the doodle. LOL. Of course. THEN, I sat down in front of the drawing and my head started HURTING. The girl on the left, her body crosses five different gradients alone. Jeez. My head was pounding pretty hard. Soooo..., I picked up my pencil and started working on her face and then her hair. The pencil went to work on the letters binding the girls ...and that was it. ...Awesome. Sometimes you just have to stop thinking about it and DO IT. I am SO OVER the hump.... and this baby is looking mighty awesome. Excitement is zinging in the air. If you listen hard you can probably hear a VERY BIG sigh of relief coming from a VERY happy artist. I am beginning to realize that I REALLY set myself QUITE the challenge with this drawing (and THAT's a double FACT JACK). Now I'm the one rolling my eyes. LOL. Anyway. Tomorrow morning: pencils at the ready freddy. NEXT

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  • June 4, 2012

    Focusing on the... breast?


    I spent a lot of time penciling, erasing and re-penciling the breast of the girl on the left. Too funny. BECAUSE you KNOW... (say it with me), that if I draw it CORRECTLY it will barely be noticed. AND IT'S NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO BE NOTICED. So many things are only noticed (in Life as in Art)... if they AREN'T done right. Go figure. Anyway. This breast was not quite right. It looked fat and flabby. Ugh. This was coming from my imagination, so I needed to fix it or it would (eventually) start to BUG THE SHIT OUT OF ME. As for how to fix the drawing? I did NOT want to erase and re-start ...but there you go. It had to be done. The bikini sun tan lines were actually added to the drawing to give a definite shape to the breast. AND, the nipple was lowered (Gary pointed out, in passing, that it was a tad high). LOL. He was right. The really funny thing is that the penciled sun tan lines on the girl add a new symbolic dimension to the drawing that I really like. It works on MANY, many levels. Yeah. You know, screw ups are NOT always a bad thing. It's absolutely amazing how many times putting the extra time in (to fix something) ....leads to something even better. Something you NEVER would have thought of if you had let the original idea slide. Crazy but true baby. Don't be fooled by this happy talk. I was NOT HAPPY at the re-do. BUT, I am REALLY happy I did. LOL. Anyway. I was a tad worried that the original idea of leaving her panties ON in one (or two) of the gradients would get lost with this sun tan lines idea... but it's all cool beanies baby. The pencil and I still have a LOT of work ahead... but I am SO GLAD that I got past the headache.

    Jeez.... this particular entry in the pencil drawing saga... does NOT sound like art talk, it sounds more like porn talk. Panties. Breasts. Nipples. Sheesh. ROFLMAO. Irony rocks baby. Especially when you realize that all of THESE might be the titillating details somewhere else, but in THIS pencil drawing... these are completely SYMBOLIC tidbits. I'm not making excuses, I'm laughing my tushy off. I R O N Y is a beautiful thang. THIS is all about the Art ...and art is about life, etc. etc. etc. La La La Di Dahhhhh. NEXT

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  • POSTED: June 18, 2012 | ART PICT: June 18, 2012

    A little bit of this and that...


    This was one of those strange weekends where this pencil drawing really didn't seem to be GETTING ANYWHERE. I KNEW that I and pencil(s) were doing things ALL DAY LONG... but I couldn't really put my finger on what exactly was accomplished. LOL. There was a whole lot of drawing going on .... but it was here and there, doing this and that. I usually can't see the progress in that sort of drawing ....until I go to update this blog and put the anime together. Too funny. You and I, we see it together baby. Anyway. The arm of the man on the apple was tightened up >> an intended highlight was missing in action (from the left arm). The ropes around the girl were drawn, erased and redrawn ...sooo many times. A brand new strand of hair, down the back, was erased and re-directed (off into the night air). AND the BIG drawing effort on the body of the nubile nymph (on the left) REALLY commenced. AND..., of course, that meant a whole LOT of re-drawing of layers to match up the that your eye won't really notice it at all. Can you hear the semi-hysterical laughter in that regards? ha. ha. ha. It is SO TRUE. Even I, who put the damn thing in there, ...find that I don't really notice the gradient ...when it is so natural that your eye flows right over it. Golly gee willickers batman, go friggin' figure. Anyway. The pencil drew things and I critiqued, erased and redrew the things over and over and over... Maybe it will be finished in the next month. Wouldn't that be fun? :) I'm babbling. I'm shutting up. I'm an artist, not a writer. Ugh. NEXT

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  • POSTED: June 26, 2012 | ART PICT: June 26, 2012

    A matter of artist and pencil going Zen...


    Something really cool happened here. Every weekend, I TRY to FOCUS on getting TO my Art... and... THIS weekend, enough momentum was built up (via recent strategic stubbornness), that quite a LOT of drawing was done... without a ton of fuss. No cussing. Really. None. AND..., working on the drawing was actually quite natural. This is so twisted. I'm an artist. Drawing should ALWAYS be a natural act, not a fight of any sort (for any reason). Period. Ugh. This would be easier if I were terribly unhappy... but I'm not. I'm NOT satisfied but I AM happy. Sooooo, I'm okay with the fight. LOL. Anyway. The girl on the right has really taken shape (pun intended). The momentum thing was HUGE and really bought the stress levels DOWN so DRAWING could happen. Everything became a matter of artist and pencil going Zen. Once that got to rocking and rolling... the subject came up, of course, of the !@#$ GRADIENT. This meant re-visiting the female on the left and re-working HER gradients to get everything in sync. Big sigh. Delicate layers of graphite were incrementally added via an assortment of ever-darkening pencils... LOTS of each. The irony? After I got ALL of the layers working together nicely... I decided that the girl on the left needed to be a tad more suntanned. Yes. Really. And that meant even more microscopic and extremely delicate layers of graphite being added to the drawing. I'm also trying to keep the female on the right PALE, so I was actually holding my breath while adding in HER "darker" layer definition. Tooooo funny baby. You know, I understand that I have a small chip on my shoulder and that tends to push me into NOT sitting on any imagined laurels while working on these pencil drawings.... BUT REALLY. Maybe I'll do another pen and ink doodle after this drawing is completed. You know, relax a little. Take it easy baby. Like that's going to happen. Maybe. We'll see.... NEXT


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